Buyers Guide to Picking up the Best Pickleball Paddle

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Buyers Guide to Picking up the Best Pickleball Paddle

The exciting fact about pickleball is that it is constantly evolving. The same applies to the equipment you use to play the game. Experienced players have suggested that paddle manufacturers should incorporate some features into the paddle. Manufacturers are creating paddles to fit various playing styles. In 2018, several paddles were exhibited at the US Open. Some of these are best suited for the topspin and the backspin. We will discuss these paddles. You can also find some budget options on that are mostly used by pickleball players who like to embed spins with their game.

Well, for the starters or those who want to explore this accessory, it is a must for them to purchase the right pickleball paddle. Even though I also share the opinion, given the numerous options available on the marketplace, anyone might get confused on the right accessory to opt for.

So here is a comprehensive guide on how to select and purchase the best pickleball paddle.

The weight of the paddle:  Although some might want to overlook this feature or may wonder how the paddle is of great importance when you just need to swing the ball. But, the fact is, this is the reason why you need to consider this. You need to direct the movement of the ball in line with the paddle, and while you perform this task, your wrist should be capable to handle all the weight. If the weight of the paddle racket is heavier, it will affect your shoulders, wrist, and elbow in the long run. You will definitely feel the weight with every stroke. So, you need to opt for a paddle that is lighter but sturdy.

Grip size: Another important feature that you should know is that the grip of the handle is of great significance. Since the pickleball paddle is not the same weight as the table tennis racket or the lawn tennis; you have to opt for the ideal grip. Without an ideal grip, there is no way you can hold the paddle for a long time or direct the shots using different wrist movements. If you don’t choose the right grip size, you won’t control the movement of the paddle very well. On an average, I will suggest that you opt for a grip size with a length of 4 inches to 4.5 inches.

Size of the paddle: The pickleball paddles are available in different size range and there is no set ideal size for the paddle. So, you need to be extremely cautious when choosing the right size. You must consider your shot styles as well as your height. It is advisable for shorter people to opt for a medium-sized paddle while people that are taller should choose a longer paddle to enable them to take shots effectively.

Material: Another vital feature to consider is the material used for making the paddle. In previous years, the paddle was made from wood but at present, there are varieties of materials used for making the paddle. Materials like Nomex, aluminum, polymer are embedded with a covering material like carbon fiber, fiberglass, and graphite to make paddles. You should also know that the Graphite covered paddle delivers harder shots while the carbon fiber offers more flexibility during shots. So you can select the one that suits your needs.

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