Determining the Best Hosting By Country Using Google Page Rank

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Determining the Best Hosting By Country Using Google Page Rank

There are a lot of factors that point to a good and dependable hosting company. It’s vital not to forget that switching web hosts constantly is bad for business and costly as well – there’s nothing worse than visiting the website of an establishment to find out that it is offline. Therefore opting for the correct choice on the best hosting by country is vital – therefore take the time to carefully read through the following points…


Reliability is a big factor when it comes to determining a good hosting establishment. It can truly break or make your bank balance and website. You are losing potential clients and sales for every second your website is offline. Clients depend on our service to be at their disposal whenever they are in need of it – don’t forget that if a client can’t gain access to your website they will gladly visit somewhere else.


Bandwidth is mainly the amount of data that could be downloaded from your website in a particular period of time – normally a month. This is essential because if for instance you have a music download site and you suddenly get a sharp increase in downloads for a specific song you could quite swiftly use up all your bandwidth. Immediately you have reached your download limit for that particular month your account will be suspended till the next month or you’d need to buy more bandwidth so as to keep the site running – which is expensive!

File Storage Space

Each hosting establishment gives you a specific amount of file storage space on its servers. What you plan to store on the server e.g. a music download site or possibly a static company website will determine the amount of file storage you need.


You shouldn’t visit a dodgy hosting provider to get a hosting account just like you wouldn’t go to a dodgy car dealer to get your car fixed. There are incompetent providers out there with shoddy services on offer, therefore, don’t forget that!

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