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Our site uses Google PageRank (PR). It’s one of the various methods that Google uses in order to determine the relevance/importance of a page. Pages that are important get a higher PR and are also more likely to show up at the top of Google’s search results. Google PR measures 0-10. It’s based on backlinks. When the backlinks are of a higher quality the higher Google PR it gets. It’s very critical to improve your Google PR if you want to boost your rankings from search engines.

You might be wondering how Google PR can benefit our site. It’s important to know this information in order to improve your site.

It can be a problem when your web pages have low-quality content just to get the highest PR. That’s not a good step to take. There are various sites that take this step but it’s not a wise move. The reason is that it can cause various problems for your site.

It’s a step that’s usually taken by sites that include a bad design or content. In fact, this is often spam and ends up top Google pages. However, Google is using a new algorithm that will consider the quality of the link.  Links that are “important” will get a much higher value than links that are “unimportant.” It will be based on user data. That includes the number of visits a page gets and how often it’s been linked to.

This change will help to cut out content such as blog/;forum comments. For example, in the past, you might have done searches but then got back results that included non-related data from comments sections of various sites. That resulted in you wasting time and effort.

If you’ve been upset in the past when your pages didn’t get growth even though you had top-notch content, your site might be in a better situation soon. You’ll be able to focus on what you do instead of worrying about if you should consider taking questionable steps in order to rank higher.

This has become a major issue of websites. For example, some take steps such as bulk directory submission and keyword slamming, hoping that it will result in a spike in Google PR. However, the change in thealgorithm will have a major effect on this situation.

Websites should be prepared for these major changes to Google PR. It will affect search in a major way and will put quality content and sites in the spotlight.