Information and Research on Police Brutality Lawyers

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Information and Research on Police Brutality Lawyers

If there has been an injury to you or your loved one caused by local, county, state, or federal law enforcement officers, and you are certain that the injury you sustained was as a result of their abuse of authority or excessive force. It is vital to speak with¬†police brutality lawyers with adequate experience in your state’s and federal civil rights and police brutality laws.

Police have the express authority to carry out their duties as expected of them however there are restrictions to these powers. Legal claims for police abuse or brutality may arise when law enforcement personnel cause unnecessary injury after acting beyond the confines of their authority.

Here are some of the types of legal claims as a result of police abuse or brutality.

Excessive Force

Police may only use the amount of force that’s sensibly necessary to do their lawful duties. Whether force is deemed “excessive” is dependent on the reason behind the police attempting to arrest or stop a person, the way that the individual provided a response to police demands or requests, and the situations surrounding the encounter.

However, police might use no more force than required. They should not rough up, hit, or otherwise hurt an individual that acts in a non-threatening manner, follows their instructions, and is unarmed as well. Even if an individual is aggressive, police have to stop making use of force, as soon as the person has been restrained thus making any legal claim by¬†police brutality lawyers for “excessive force” to be dependent on an injury that is as a result of force beyond whatever was imperative.

Imprisonment or False Arrest

This claim is brought about due to the decision of the police to take a person into custody, without “probable cause” and without an arrest warrant. An officer would have “probable cause” in the event that he or she had a sensible belief that the person had or was just about to commit a severe crime or actually witnessed the individual commit a severe crime. The individual may have a claim for false arrest when police lack this legal justification.

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