Live A Hassle Free Life By Buying A Condominium In A Township

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Live A Hassle Free Life By Buying A Condominium In A Township

Most of the residents of Singapore who are planning to buy a new residential apartment have great opportunity to invest in the Township constructed in Punggol district. There are 13 different blocks in Piermont Grand township and each has a near about 15 floors. Piermont Township also has executive condominiums which are designed by City Developments Limited. Thus, condo buyers will get great living space and luxury fixtures and fittings.

Why it would be wise to invest in this township?

From Piermont Township one can easily reach Nibong as well as Sumang LRT station. Residents will also get an opportunity to take bus terminal services which are at a walking distance from condominiums. Both CDL and TID builders have received BCA awards for their present Township project. Thus, it is considered one of the most promising investment for buyers. Moreover, the Township will also give you an opportunity for entertainment and to purchase groceries as Punggol waterway is only a couple of blocks away from the condominiums. One can also get to taste great cuisines and beverages at Waterway Terraces.

Digitalization of the township

Professional builders of TID and CDL have planned to make Punggol as the first digitalized district in Singapore. Thus, your children will get great opportunities to study in some of the premium schools and get an excellent environment. Moreover, Piermont Township also has a JTC business park where some of the greatest MNC’s from around the globe will establish their business. Thus, you will also get more growth opportunities.

Some other areas of attraction

The Piermont Township also has White Sand near the condominiums. This mall is considered to be an outstanding shopping complex in Punggol district. This mall has a unique structure which has made it a hot topic of conversation and you will also get shops, restaurants, café, cinemas, game parlors, etc. Apart from White Sand, you will also get several other malls viz. Rivervale, Hougang Green, and myVillage.

Professional builders of CDL and TID are also planning to make a town hub where you will get various amenities like library, healthcare center, gymnasium, etc. Inside the town hub at Piermont, you will also get refurbished Punggol vista which is seven times bigger than the present void deck.

Builders of TID and CDL have also provided vast green belt around the Township. You will get a facility of Heritage trail which professionals of TID and CDL have constructed after the reconstruction of Punggol road. Besides the Heritage trail, you will also get a belt of trees on both the sides where you can spend some quality time with your loved ones.

The floor planning and buying criteria

Piermont Township is high in demand since it has got highest bids since its inception. Moreover, ECs of this township are cost economic in comparison to other condominiums which are offered in the market. You can also take an appointment from the executives and can see various floor plans of this Township. One can choose from different payment schemes and can make the payment for the condominium in an effective manner. If you are buying a condominium in this township for the first time then you will also be offered a grant of S$30,000.

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