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How to Upgrade HDD on Your PS4

Although I know that you have been anticipating the introduction of these features and the good news is that you now have the chance to link up an external hard disk drive (HDD) with your PS4 or PS4 Pro. The times of swapping games in the 1 TB (Terabyte) drive in PS4 Pro or the inadequate 500 GB (Gigabyte) internal drive in the PS4 are over. It is quite easy to connect the upgrade HDD to the two consoles and only takes a short time. We have highlighted the processes below.

You can use any external HDD that features a USB 3.0 connection. The PS4 and PS4 Pro can accommodate up to 8 TB of storage. In fact, I made use of a Seagate 5TB Expansion drive with a positive outcome.

The data on the external drive has to be cleared off to work properly with the PS4s. After clearing of the data, I was left with a usable storage space of 4.6 TB. Keep in mind that large footprint when shopping for the size of the external HDD you intend to use.

Also, keep in mind that the PS4s will only identify one external storage drive at a time. If you connect a drive that has been previously configured for external storage on the console, it will not clear of the data on the second drive and will not recognize a previously configured second drive. In addition, there is no way of connecting the external drive via a USB hub; you have to connect it directly to one of the USB ports on the PS4 Pro or the PS4.

Here’s how to connect an external HDD.

Connect to drive to either of the USB 3.0 ports. The PS4 features two ports located at the front of the console; the Pro features two located at the front and a third one at the rear. A message will show on the screen saying the USB is not compatible because the drive hasn’t been configured to work with the console.

  • Under Settings, click on Devices.
  • Under Devices section, go to USB Storage Devices.
  • Under USB Storage Devices, click on Format as Extended Storage.

That is the process. It took me less than a minute to format my 5 TB drive.

The external HDD will now be revealed as Extended Storage under Storage (which comes under the Settings folder). The external drive serves as the default destination folder for any game you download or purchase from your Library.

You might think that it is appropriate to set the PS4’s internal drive as the default storage location because you believe that the load times would quickly be processed from the internal drive. Surprisingly, that doesn’t happen in all cases. Digital Foundry carried out a research and compared the load times from the PS4’s internal drive and the Seagate 4TB Expansion drive and discovered that the external Seagate drive was clearly faster on every game they run on either the PS4 Pro or the PS4. Even you can have a faster load time with an external SSD (solid state drive) if you wish to make the payment at a higher cost for every GB of storage and perform some after-market duties to insert the SSD into the USB enclosure.

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Buyer’s Guide to the Best Commercial Truck GPS

Whether you are engaged in daily trips or you are a long-haul driver, it is mandatory to acquire a GPS to help you maneuver through new routes. These handy navigation gadgets can provide comprehensive information about closed road paths, fuel stations, weigh stations, and construction ahead. Choosing the best Expnet – commercial truck GPS is kind of tricky as there are numerous models available on the marketplace with their own benefits and shortcomings. To make an easier selection, we have come up with the best truck GPS systems you can possess in your truck to enable you to get to your destination faster and easier. We have compiled this information for you as it makes it convenient to see the GPS that is ideal for your truck driving requirements.

Targeted truck device: When shopping for a GPS system for navigating truck pathways, one of the main features to consider is the ability to incorporate your truck specification into the gadget. This delivers more customized routing and can make you abstain from roads where weight limits are in full operation. This will enable you to know beforehand about roadways and low bridges that may pose a challenge for your load.

Logging: I suggest that you shop for a GPS system that is equipped with logging capabilities. The ability to enter valuable information such as fuel usage, hours used and maintenance routines into your GPS system help reduce your paperwork and automate your logs.

Search options: As a long-haul driver, it is advisable to opt for a GPS system that offers you the chance to shop for local amenities. Knowing about the exact location of restaurants, hotels, and truck shops can make your drive stress-free and more enjoyable.

Price: Another important factor that you shouldn’t overlook is the price. You wish to get a GPS device equipped with numerous essential features. But, you also have to prepare a convenient budget so that you don’t end up paying for subscription fees or upcharges before usage.

Safety/Environmental Concerns: The only safety concern to take note of with these GPS gadgets is the continuous use of a charger to charge the batteries and keep it running. The batteries are made with lithium ion in most gadgets and you should always make use of the device in moderate temperatures.

Garmin 770LMTHD GPS Navigator
The device is the ideal GPS system suitable for the long-haul driver that requires a place to rest and park each night. The GPS devices offer you the chance to search for nearby amenities to enable you to know beforehand where to eat, sleep, or purchase fuel in the middle of your journey. The device is a more sophisticated navigation system embedded with several advanced features. We consider it as the best truck GPS available on the marketplace. It provides all features needed for a trucker to track their fuel usage, hours, and maintenance schedule, so you are in full compliance with the law of the land. Several route options are provided, and it alerts you about any complications or roadblocks along your route as you proceed with the journey. This GPS system is more expensive compared to the other models highlighted above but it is well worth the price based on its features and functionality

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Understanding the Benefits of Profollix

Age, stress and a lot of other factors can surely have an impact on your hair strength, thickness, strength, and even whether it would still be on your head. While men in society regularly experience hair loss, the occasion is much more disappointing and shocking when it comes to female hair loss. If you are having hair loss problems, then the great news is that you don’t have to depend on dangerous injections, procedures, and the like. Instead, there are original formulas such as Profollix on the market that might just offer you the relief that you’re searching for.

The key to making use of the product and achieving results afterward is to use it regularly and according to instructions. In doing so, you will be able to eventually restore your hair and feel confident again.

The Benefits of Profollix

There are a lot of benefits to be had with the use of Profollix regularly and according to instructions. The following are the main benefits associated with the formula so that you’ll know what to expect:

Promotes Hair Growth

First, the formula replenishes your hair follicle and makes use of ingredients that increase your ability to grow hair.

With improved strands and stronger follicles, you will be able to eliminate those patches where your hair has not been able to grow for some period of time.

Strengthens and Thickens Hair

Second, the product functions well to thicken and strengthen your hair quality in a bid for you to attain a more lustrous and fuller appearance. You will love how gorgeous and thick your hair looks with the use of this product.

Reduces Hair Loss

Finally, the product guards against hair loss as well. In preventing hair loss, you will be able to continue enjoying the results of the product for many years to come.

As you can tell, there are a lot of significant benefits in adding Profollix to your routine. You would be able to get the results you want in an effective, natural and efficient way with this product.

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Heavy Duty Maids in Edmonton: Understanding the Workings of the Maids Services Industry

Janitorial, maid, and cleaning services are terms that describe a devoted external service that offers certain cleaning methods to schools, businesses, individuals and just about anyone interested in having a cleanup done in the right manner. A maid was traditionally the one employed in household services. Previously, a part of the hierarchy in business and homes, these days heavy duty maids in Edmonton perform periodic and specialized cleaning services and are usually not a “live-in” member of a household.

Characteristics of Maids

Cleaning services employ window washers, maids, painters, janitors, and carpet cleaners who all work together so as to apply the right solution to your cleaning needs. You can create a plan for washing windows and floors, dusting, cleaning bathrooms, scrubbing floors and vacuuming. This plan is generally implemented monthly, bi-weekly or weekly.

Using a maid service in previous years was affordable for the wealthy ones alone, now these services are well known and there could be payments tailored to suit cleaning schedules and budgets.

Making use of a heavy duty maids in Edmonton service could be a bit more costly than just hiring a part-time cleaning lady or maid, however using a service provides a lot of benefits. You would have someone do your cleaning that is insured and bonded. You may have your maid service bring all the required cleaning supplies. The cleaning service withholds income taxes and social security. You don’t have anything to worry about since you’re working with a legitimate business.

Included in the majority of the professional cleaning firms is a janitorial service. This might refer to a cleaning service for a business instead of a residence. Making use of a janitorial service will offer you the knowledge and freedom in realizing that your office building and office are perfectly cleaned.

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Best Tea Kettle Reviews: Important for Making an Informed Choice

Are you fond of your morning cup of white or green tea? If not, maybe you don’t know how to perfectly preserve the tea flavor. A microwave is a major oven used by a lot of people to boil water for making hot tea. It’s indeed a fabulous item however it doesn’t have the ability/capability to automatically turn itself off when the water gets to its boiling point. This will make the water heat up excessively thereby affecting the taste of tea negatively. This is why stove top and electric tea kettles are available. You should examine the available best tea kettle reviews to find out about the best models.

The only sure place to find the aforementioned reviews is on the Internet. A lot of previous shoppers have already reviewed their own tea kettles. Read them thoroughly if you come across these reviews. Here are the reasons why you should read them carefully.

  • Discovering the major brands – Each industry has its standout performers. Therefore you should really find the top brands available on the market. The best way to find out about this secret is by examining the reviews from other shoppers. There are a lot of sites that don’t really sell anything but what they do is company reviews. Others like Amazon post both corresponding and products reviews.
  • Discovering the tea kettle varieties – Don’t buy an item without having adequate knowledge about it. The only way to discover this is by reading a lot. You don’t have to limit your research on magazines or newpapers since the Internet platform is now available. Tea kettles come in a lot of designs. Some are cordless and others have cords.

• Discovering the top models – Although the corded and cordless electric kettles are plenty, you can easily get confused. You must know that not all models are excellent. Even some models from the best brands may not be totally satisfying. The only way to discover is by reading the best tea kettle reviews. That way, you won’t buy an item that has been rejected by other people.

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Examining the Different Types of Gifts for Gymnasts

Some family members and parents think about what to get for the gymnast who is on the move every time. What are the ideal gifts for gymnasts? Chances are, you should normally get at least one thing that a gymnast would surely like from the seemingly limitless array of choices.

Pins and Display Racks

Some gymnasts don’t play with their pins and would want pins for all the events they feature in or to remember specific events. Some would decorate their jackets and bags with them while others would display them throughout their bedroom. For easy pin display, a normal cork bulletin board would ensure display without pins falling everywhere. Competitive gymnasts would receive many ribbons as well and want an attractive place to showcase them. Metal racks are a very good way to maintain the organization and togetherness of the ribbons.

Clothing and Equipment

If the bag of your gymnast has been looking irritable as of late, surprise her or him this holiday season with a new bag! A gymnast’s bag turns to their “mobile office”-a place to keep snacks, hair ties, extra leotards, grips, and bottles of water

Speaking of grips, rather than hunt for them, a new grip bag is a very good gift idea. The majority of the gyms need gymnasts to wear grips during bars and some would like to bring along a little bag just for the grips instead of carrying their complete duffel bag with them.

For your gymnast’s downtime, a graphic t-shirt or snuggly hoodie may turn to her or his new favorite clothing piece!

While it might appear like opting for the ideal gifts for gymnasts is very difficult, in truth, a lot of gymnasts would love a gift related to gymnastics. Whether you get her or him a snazzy new watch or a new bag, that gift would be appreciated and loved for several years to come.

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Flower Bouquet: Essential Information on the Different Types

Although you may likely all know what flowers are just as plainly as what a flower bouquet is, the types of bouquets has more to offer than it appears.

Every commerce has its own glossary and the floral industry is not an exception. Sure enough, you might already be aware that bouquets of flowers can appear to be all so diverse. This is certainly the reason why you should learn to determine the main different types of flower arrangements.

Knowing how to be peculiar with the types of flower bouquets would surely be of huge benefit to you and your florist when it comes to the composition of your celebratory bouquet or whatever objective your flower bouquet will likely have.

The Posy Bouquet

Perhaps the most general flower bouquet type, the posy type happens to be a small round half-spherical bouquet. Normally the leafage is relatively rare on it and importance is truly set on the flowers.

Generally, the posh type is very lightweight and easy to hold as in most scenarios (even with new flowers) the stalks are eliminated and replaced with floral wires in its place.

Popular variations of the Posy bouquet would utilize the Nosegay bouquet type which will offer prominence to Biedermeier or the heavy leafage bouquet type which structures the half-spherical part of the posy bouquet in certain rings each made up of a specific color or kind of flower.


The Pomander Bouquet

The Pomander type is a full sphere, which differs from the posh type (half sphere), and this is why it’s also known as a kissing ball or a flower ball.

Usually, the Pomander type is more or less exclusively made up of flowers without leafage; some variations are recorded with a heavy one. As a result of that, the major rule for a Pomander bouquet simply appears to point to its globular shape.

Because of this unique shape, this flower bouquet type is held through a loop that’s formed on the ball (the loop is mostly derived from the ribbon).

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Inflatable Water Slides: The Best Information Resource

Many parents around the country resort to inflatable water slides in order to keep their children entertained and occupied this summer. Many children find it oppressive to play outdoor due to the heat of the summer; otherwise, you are well off to have a swimming pool facility. It is a bad feeling to see your children anxious and bored throughout the afternoons of the summer.

Inflatable water slides ensure to keep your children occupied round the clock during the summer. An average study shows that kids can have fun on the inflatable water slides for three to seven hours and havebreaks in between the time span to come into the house to be hydrated and have a bite of some food or snacks. Climbing up the slide and sliding down the water slide is a form of exercise for the children allowing them to release endorphins and have a good feeling about the summer period.

This outdoor fun facility is perfect for birthday parties, family reunion, and carnivals for children with age range between two to eighteen. The availability of an inflatable water slide at your backyard will ensure that children become one of the most popular children in the precinct/neighborhood. Kids particularly enjoy the bottom of the slides, which is the pools. There are water cannons attached to the edge of the waterslide, and they enjoy spraying each other with it.

Many parents having calculated the cost of acquiring an inflatable water slide find it similar to be two or three times the cost of visiting a water park. The durability of the slide ensures you multiple usages across seasons and you have the benefit of having of within your comfort space whenever you like. The cost of traveling over a distance to have a good time is automatically cut off.

The majority of the inflatable water slides in the market come with air pumps, this helps in the addition of air into the facility. It is more like a quiet pump, with little noise. Notwithstanding, it is a necessity for the durability of the water slide.

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How the Lanyard Is Used in Business and Industryto Enhance Marketing

Nowadays, lanyards have become extremely popular. It is usual to see ID badges dangling on the neck of a person on a short cord, and on a small rope or the cord itself, is printed the name of an establishment, or an event or a school on it. All these points to the popularity of lanyards in industry and business.

You might well ask the reason for this. This is due to the fact that there are numerous uses that the lanyard has found in industry and business.

These lanyards can provide your establishment with a marketing edge, particularly as the promotion is accompanied with no cost, a lot of good will is generated and a lot of awareness as regards your product or company is being added at the same time. And all these at affordable costs.

It is very financially sound to purchase 500 pieces of lanyard, with your establishment’s event or name printed on it, for as little as $110.00. It could be as fancy as you would want it to be as well. Apart from that lanyards are really useful apart and are eye-catching and display your message.

Lanyards are ideal to make use of as an avenue for advertising due to the fact that it is easy to custom-print the logo of the company and its name on the badge of the lanyard. Normally it is found that lanyards derived from nylon and cotton can be easily used for screen printing the logo and name of an establishment.

When making use of lanyards in promotional campaigns, they could be fitted with various accessories and attachments including mobile phone, key rings, snap hooks, bottle openers and crocodile clips.

Establishments can make use of lanyards in corporate activities and events, such as conferences, conventions, and seminars. Instead of being discarded before the event has been concluded, lanyards are especially sought after, and kept for use when the event has been done, as a security pass holder, or a neck strap for an id tag.

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Affiliation Tips: Choosing The Right Offshore Hosting Company

The internet has been able to open up a wealth of fresh opportunities for establishments to connect with clients, develop their brands, and generate sales. While Internet resources were previously limited to tech companies only, with offshore hosting, any establishment can put their business only and benefit immensely from e-commerce. There are a no. of firms that offer these services and opting for the best one to cater to the needs of your company has a positive impact on the bottom line.

Consider The Options Available

The right IT firm will provide you with a large number of options as far as offshore hosting is concerned. There is no restriction to the number of possible configurations for services and servers for e-commerce, therefore always be on the lookout for an establishment that will offer tailor-made solutions and flexibility. Beginning with a pre-configured package and then personalizing the services and hardware included is normally the most efficient way to get the correct system at the correct price.

Dedicated Or Shared?

The first thing an establishment should consider is whether they are in need of dedicated or shared servers. A shared server is regarded as a single machine that plays host to separate resources for a number of customers. This setup can be used easily and is the most economical option as a result of economies of scale. The offshore dedicated server, on the other hand, offers a single set of equipment, including memory, power, and disk space, for a single customer.

Customization And Managed Services – How To Precisely Get What You Need

There are a lot of options for offshore hosting. Beyond technical configurations between servers, applications, operating systems, and hardware, managed services are able to cover every of the function of a normal IT department. For example, a provider should offer the option to maintain and monitor the server as well along with taking care of security risks with firewalls, remote reboots, and data backups while they are hosting a server.

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Determining the Best Hosting By Country Using Google Page Rank

There are a lot of factors that point to a good and dependable hosting company. It’s vital not to forget that switching web hosts constantly is bad for business and costly as well – there’s nothing worse than visiting the website of an establishment to find out that it is offline. Therefore opting for the correct choice on the best hosting by country is vital – therefore take the time to carefully read through the following points…


Reliability is a big factor when it comes to determining a good hosting establishment. It can truly break or make your bank balance and website. You are losing potential clients and sales for every second your website is offline. Clients depend on our service to be at their disposal whenever they are in need of it – don’t forget that if a client can’t gain access to your website they will gladly visit somewhere else.


Bandwidth is mainly the amount of data that could be downloaded from your website in a particular period of time – normally a month. This is essential because if for instance you have a music download site and you suddenly get a sharp increase in downloads for a specific song you could quite swiftly use up all your bandwidth. Immediately you have reached your download limit for that particular month your account will be suspended till the next month or you’d need to buy more bandwidth so as to keep the site running – which is expensive!

File Storage Space

Each hosting establishment gives you a specific amount of file storage space on its servers. What you plan to store on the server e.g. a music download site or possibly a static company website will determine the amount of file storage you need.


You shouldn’t visit a dodgy hosting provider to get a hosting account just like you wouldn’t go to a dodgy car dealer to get your car fixed. There are incompetent providers out there with shoddy services on offer, therefore, don’t forget that!

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Getting Information on the Best Anonymous Hosting Providers through Innovative Technology

There is one major reason why people opt for anonymous hosting. Although it is costlier than normal hosting, anonymous hosting providers don’t request for personal details. It’s however far more cumbersome to have online data traced back to you without personal details. Essentially, you are paying for being untraceable when you opt for anonymous hosting.

Let us examine what the qualities of a good anonymous hosting provider are.


Encrypted currencies such as Bitcoin should be the sole payment avenue. If an anonymous hosting provider has bank transfer, PayPalor anything non-encrypted, they can be traced easily. And this gets you to be in danger of being exposed in addition to also putting the providers in that position. The activities of their clients can be monitored without your knowledge if the providers were t be tracked down by an organization. More dangerously, these payments can be easily traced back to you. Not a lot of people understand what an encrypted currency is, however they still want to purchase that feeling of not being able to be traced. It’s mostly a facade that a lot of anonymous hosts try to sell.


Quite often, a hosting provider is able to access your hosting at any time it wishes through a master panel. It can, therefore, get to know what you are doing in your private environment. Awesome anonymous hosting providers offer you complete data privacy and also provide you with the opportunity to password-protect your hosting thus making it impossible for the provider to access.


Making use of an offshore hosting provider is accompanied with a few perks, which are important to those who are interested in having anonymous hosting. Firstly, DMCA is ignored, and they possess a broader content acceptability list.

The majority of the people that will be making use of anonymous hosting are typically carrying out activities that will be permitted only on offshore hosting rather than on regular hosting.