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Why You Should Immediately Buy A Unit In One Pearl Bank

The iconic residential building, One pearl is finally up for sale and it is highly recommended by market professionals that you should book one for yourself as soon as possible. The traffic on the website and the average rate of continuous bookings clearly state that they are not going to last for a long time. Situated at a perfect location i.e. Pearl Bank Hill in Singapore, these condominiums offer great accessibility to all the commercial facilities that are located near the township.

Here are a few reasons why you should buy a unit of One Pearl Bank:

5 different types of units – Usually, townships have the same kinds of condo units but the developer of One Pearl, CapitaLand has given the option of five different types of units and each of them is available in different floor plans. You can choose from one bedroom, three bedrooms, two bedrooms, four bedrooms, and penthouse. You can check the Floor Plan and One Pearl Bank Pricing for every unit as they are available on the official website. According to your budget, needs, and preferences for space, you can pick out the best kind of unit for yourself.

One of a kind architecture – One Pearl Bank consists of two towers that have 39 levels with five types of units. It’s iconic and one of a kind structure is one of the reasons that have given it a huge level of popularity. From the aerial view, it looks like the shape of a horseshoe and thus this makes it very unique. The extraordinary shape created by these two towers is also enhanced by balcony gardens in the entire township. However, they not only have a mesmerizing look from outside but also from inside. Your eyes are going to get rolled when you will see the units with top-notch and standard floor plan and set up.

Greenery is the basic need – Without any argument, greenery is the basic necessity for humankind. It is not enough to live in a condo with modern facilities and layout but you need to have a lot of trees, plants, etc. near or in your township. The developers have added more than 5000 trees, shrubs, and plants in the entire township. There are more than 200 small balcony gardens that are located at every four floors in each tower. Also, these two towers are connected with a rooftop garden on the top. This garden has a vast variety of trees and plants where you can spend your evenings and mornings. This huge garden area also has a dining space where you can hold small get-together or spend some time with your family.

Excellent investment option – Profitable investment is one of the major reasons that a lot of people want to put their money in One Pearl Bank. Everything about these units is perfect from their location to architecture, facilities to amenities, top-notch lifestyle to the tranquility of nature. All these factors are enough to state that every investor is going to turn some huge profits from these units.

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All The Facilities Available At Avenue South Residence

The first residential development in the newest Central District of Singapore, the Avenue South Residence offers a perfect setting of green surroundings and luxurious setting. The central location of the condo adds to the list of many reasons to live here.

Located in District 03, Silat Avenue, the Avenue South Residences are a joint venture between UOL Group, Kheng Leong and United Industrial Corporation. UOL Group is a leading property group and publicly-listed company for many years, but the latter two have been established recently in Singapore. Although being less experienced than the UOL Group, UIC and Kheng Leong know the standards of a residential condo and have done a really good job on it.

With a wide range of top-notch amenities like upscale restaurants including Lau Pa Sat, and Chinatown Complex; the Orchid Belt along where the largest malls of Singapore are located; you will never run out of places to explore. What is most outstanding about this condo area is that it is set for every setting; if you want to eat from a local hawker, they are available there as well with the traditional curries at roadside food chains. The local departmental stores are also within the reach, so you don’t have to go all the way to the city to buy everything.

It is not just the luxury amenities of the area that set it apart, other facilities are also nearby the condo development.

Health care centers and Educational institutions near Avenue South Residence

Many healthcare centers would be within the reach of the residents of the condo; adding to this, many private medical practitioners are also stationed around the area. You might not necessarily need them but it will be a relief to know that immediate help is available in medical emergencies. And for those people who need special care in health, or have someone in their family or their elders who need medical support, several hospitals are lined up. They include Singapore General Hospital, National Heart Center Singapore, Mao Medical Center, and Surgery.

Families with kids or teenagers don’t need to worry about their schools. Many educational institutions are available around or just a few kilometers away from the condo. These are the best schools in the city, and the parents have a wide range of options to choose from. The schools include Eton House International School, CHIJ St. Theresa Convent School, Radin Mas Primary School, Gang Eng Seng School, Outram Secondary School.

Leisure activities

While living at Avenue South Residence, you will never get bored; its optimum location near the sea makes sure of that! There is a wide range of leisure time activities that the residents can take part in and enjoy themselves. For recreational activities and sports, you will have the Singapore Mariners’ at Maritime House, with an addition to a restaurant and bar.

With sports like bowling and futsal tournaments and seafarer games available there, you can enjoy your weekends with your friends. Other facilities like indoor and outdoor sports areas, gyms, swimming pools, summer gardens, adventure parks and amusement parks and mega malls are just around the corner for you to enjoy with your family.

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Live A Hassle Free Life By Buying A Condominium In A Township

Most of the residents of Singapore who are planning to buy a new residential apartment have great opportunity to invest in the Township constructed in Punggol district. There are 13 different blocks in Piermont Grand township and each has a near about 15 floors. Piermont Township also has executive condominiums which are designed by City Developments Limited. Thus, condo buyers will get great living space and luxury fixtures and fittings.

Why it would be wise to invest in this township?

From Piermont Township one can easily reach Nibong as well as Sumang LRT station. Residents will also get an opportunity to take bus terminal services which are at a walking distance from condominiums. Both CDL and TID builders have received BCA awards for their present Township project. Thus, it is considered one of the most promising investment for buyers. Moreover, the Township will also give you an opportunity for entertainment and to purchase groceries as Punggol waterway is only a couple of blocks away from the condominiums. One can also get to taste great cuisines and beverages at Waterway Terraces.

Digitalization of the township

Professional builders of TID and CDL have planned to make Punggol as the first digitalized district in Singapore. Thus, your children will get great opportunities to study in some of the premium schools and get an excellent environment. Moreover, Piermont Township also has a JTC business park where some of the greatest MNC’s from around the globe will establish their business. Thus, you will also get more growth opportunities.

Some other areas of attraction

The Piermont Township also has White Sand near the condominiums. This mall is considered to be an outstanding shopping complex in Punggol district. This mall has a unique structure which has made it a hot topic of conversation and you will also get shops, restaurants, café, cinemas, game parlors, etc. Apart from White Sand, you will also get several other malls viz. Rivervale, Hougang Green, and myVillage.

Professional builders of CDL and TID are also planning to make a town hub where you will get various amenities like library, healthcare center, gymnasium, etc. Inside the town hub at Piermont, you will also get refurbished Punggol vista which is seven times bigger than the present void deck.

Builders of TID and CDL have also provided vast green belt around the Township. You will get a facility of Heritage trail which professionals of TID and CDL have constructed after the reconstruction of Punggol road. Besides the Heritage trail, you will also get a belt of trees on both the sides where you can spend some quality time with your loved ones.

The floor planning and buying criteria

Piermont Township is high in demand since it has got highest bids since its inception. Moreover, ECs of this township are cost economic in comparison to other condominiums which are offered in the market. You can also take an appointment from the executives and can see various floor plans of this Township. One can choose from different payment schemes and can make the payment for the condominium in an effective manner. If you are buying a condominium in this township for the first time then you will also be offered a grant of S$30,000.

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Have You Lost Your Mobile Phone At Some Public Place – Find It With Ease

You need to be cautious and keep your belongings carefully when you are out of your house. Your things may get lost, missed or theft which can land you in trouble. These days, the reports of lost, missed and theft of mobile phones is very common. You may find every third person reporting that he/she has lost his/her mobile phone in the public place. Finding your lost mobile phone in the crowded public place is like finding a needle in the heap of husk. The best solution for finding your mobile phone lost at the public place is to use the mobile phone tracking app.

Locate your mobile phone by using the tracking app

Mobile tracking is getting more common and cheaper with the increasing number of reports of the lost mobile phone. There are several mobile phone tracking methods which are helpful in tracking the location of your mobile phone. You can use the mobile tracking device which can be fitted on your mobile phone and another mobile phone so that you can track the mobile location. If you want to avoid fitting of an external device on your mobile phone then mobile tracking app can also be downloaded to rastrear movil.

Simple way to use the mobile tracking app

After downloading the mobile tracking app on your Android, iOS or Windows Smartphone, you need to sign in by using your Google account credentials. This will enable you to connect directly to the Google map integrated with the mobile tracking app. Hence, when you enter the mobile phone number of your tracking app, you will be able to view the live location on the Google map integrated with the app. In this way, the user is able to know the location of the mobile phone.

Track any mobile phone without stress

It doesn’t matter who is your telecom service provider or the model of mobile phone you carry, mobile tracking app is for everyone. There are varieties of mobile tracking apps which allow the users to track any mobile phone. This type of app basically uses GPS technology for finding the location of the device. Signals from the device are sent to the receiving station through the GPS satellite orbiting around the sky. Hence, it is easier to track the location of the mobile phone. Users are just required to turn on the GPS feature of their mobile phone so that it is easier to track any phone.

Get the automatic location of the mobile phone

Whether you have forgotten your mobile phone in a restaurant or someone has stolen it from your pocket, you will be able to track the live location of your mobile phone. The configuration of the mobile tracking app enables the users to get a quick response in the form of the live location of the mobile phone. The best thing about the mobile tracking app is that the movements can also be tracked. Thus, if someone has stolen your mobile phone then you can follow the route shown on the Google map of the tracking app. It will enable you to reach your mobile phone easily.

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Get Your Cell Phone Tracked In The Easiest Way

Cell phones have become the closest companions of the present generation. Why not! They help you to connect to the world at an instant; it is the best and reliable assistant that can be there with you even when your closest friend is not able to be with you. You can browse the internet, calculate complex problems, monitor your health, enjoy movies and music and a lot more, in other words, you can schedule your life with it in the easiest ways.

But what if your smartphone gets lost or stolen? At that event the life of a person becomes unorganized. Most of the time, people try to buy a new cell phone as soon as possible, but what if you lose exclusive data from your smartphone. Anyone can feel helpless at that time who is unaware of como localizar un celular. The answer is simple, use the GPS tracking sites that offer tracking the location of the cell phone by just putting the phone number in the search box. There are GPS tracking apps as well that can help you in the process.

Get the exact location

If your phone has the GPS tracking app then you can easily track it down. All you need to do is to download the software on another device and log in from the same ID that is in the lost phone. You will now be able to track the location of the device as soon as it gets connected to the internet. You can get the exact location of the device if you use the GPS tracking software.

Apart from just tracking the lost mobile phone, this software proves to be of great help in several cases which are discussed as follows:

Best for tracking employees – It is also very helpful for the employer to spot the presence of their employees. There are many times that the businesses do not get the expected results from their employees. The only reason behind this can be the irresponsibility of the employees. So, the businesses can make use of the software to keep a track of the employees and to know whether they are working in the field or not.

Look after your loved ones – A responsible head of the family always looks after each and every member of the family. To track your loved one’s phone is not spying rather it is your care for them. The parents can download the app in their kid’s or their elderly parent’s phone and can keep a track of their location so as to make sure that they are safe.

Many times, kids get involved in trouble and if you are tracking their location, you can save them from big troubles. Most of the GPS tracking software also comes with additional features like accessing the phone calls, messages, social media accounts and media that is saved in the phone. You can also use these features to know that your kid is not getting involved in any wrong activity.

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Locate The Lost Devices With Global Positioning System

Global Positioning system is system software that works globally through a radio navigation system. It works with twenty-four satellites and their ground stations. GPS is used to determine the position of different ground objects and these days it is commonly used for tracking the lost cell phones.

GPS system is used for location and navigation

Location: GPS system is used for locating any GPS inbuilt device such as your mobile phone. If it is lost, then through the GPS system, it can be located. There are many software that are used to locate the device through the GPS system. If your phone is connected to the Wifi then you will get to know the exact location of your phone. Such software’s are extremely powerful and tested and have proven their effectiveness in many cases.

They are also easy to use that even an elderly or non-technical people can use it easily. In order to deal with such conditions, you should be ready and you should always turn on the location feature of your phone. You can also check out the site for more information.

How does this software work?

If you are not able to understand how to use the software, you can visit the official website where you will get the user guide. After the necessary information is verified, you can get the necessary information about your mobile’s location in no time. By using this information, it will be easy to locate your mobile.

Navigation: GPS system works as a global navigation satellite system (GNSS). It receives information from GPS satellite and then finds out the device’s geographical information. The software that you are using will display the position of the lost device on the map. GPS system has a GPS receiver and audio video system, used to find locations by connecting it with satellite signals. Through the information, the 2D location of the device is found. This technology works accurately within 3-15 meter range depending on the number of signals received.

Application of GPS tracking system

In aircraft: Modern aircraft are built with GPS tracking system through which they are connected to satellite. It provides, pilots their real-time position and maps to find the shortest and fastest route. The aircraft is also in track of airport authorities which helps them during emergencies.

Marine: GPS tracking system is also built in ships and boats which navigates the captain through waterways and shipping channels and makes them aware of hitting any kind of obstacles. Its location is also kept in track by authorities though tracking system.

Military: GPS tracking system is used in military assets to locate their vehicles on the battlefield and also manage the resources. It is also used to protect their soldiers on the ground. GPS is fitted in military vehicles and it guides them to various targets. It can be used in all weather conditions.

The applications of the GPS tracking system are immense in the modern world as they are now used by car rental services, food delivery services, mining, and several other fields.

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Enhance The Performance Of Your Cab Company Through Mobile Positioning

For an online cab company, it is very important to provide timely rides to their clients. This is the reason why they try to locate the position of their customer with the help of positioning system. On the contrary, owners of cab companies also monitor the location of their drivers in real time with the help of GPS system. If you are an owner of a cab company and want to monitor the real-time position of your drivers and cash-in a wide range of profits then you should acquire genuine services of telefonnummer orten.

Why positioning services are considered as the need of the hour?

Sincerity of the worker

Through the help of positioning system, you will be able to make out whether a cab driver hired by you is a profitable prospect or not.

Security of the asset

Real-time monitoring also helps in providing impeccable security to your cab. You can mark a geo-fence around the city limits, if your vehicle will leave the city limits then an automatic alert message will come on your system. This will make you aware that your ride is leaving the safe area and you can take necessary action in this regard.

Security of the passenger

Global positioning systems will also help you to acknowledge the speed of the vehicle on the road. Thus, you can call your drive right away if he isn’t driving the vehicle sensibly on the road. The facility helps a cab company owner to curb any mishappenings on the road.


If you have installed a positioning system in your vehicle then you can also save lots of money on insurance premiums. Insurance companies charge fewer premiums to those vehicles which have a positioning system installed inside their ride.

Furthermore, the positioning system will also help you to know about the condition of engine, brakes and gearing systems of your cab in advance. One can take immediate action in this regard and can save a large amount of money on future repair and replacements.

Emergency services

Positioning system will help your driver by showcasing various emergency services on the map viz. police and gas station, hospital etc. Emergency services keep both, the driver and passenger safe.

Route alteration

Through the help of positioning system, the driver of the cab will be able to know various alternative routes to reach the destination. This feature will not only save the time of a passenger, but it is also considered as a fuel economic perspective for the company. Furthermore, positioning systems will also make drivers aware of blind turns and road damage in advance. The process also helps a cab driver to design the route in advance during the next ride which saves much of your money on fuel consumption.

Less paperwork

Unlike traditional business proceeding, you don’t have to deal with much of the paperwork. You will get all the notifications about customer pickup and customer drop at the destined place right at your mobile handset. Through this means one can also calculate the total mileage of the vehicle.

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Learn How To Securely Use Whatsapp

Innumerable numbers of social sites have given rise to incidences where hackers have started to steal exclusive information of people. Thus, it is very important for a person to take genuine, pro-active measures so that he or she can curb unwanted spying activities on their social media accounts. If you want to learn more about the tricks and strategies to properly secure your data on your WhatsApp account then it is advised to log on to for more details. Here, one can learn about impeccable methods of dual-factor authentication which will help you to be more secure over the internet.

How can you increase the security on WhatsApp?

After you have opened the application on your mobile phone, all you need to do is to go to the settings by clicking on the top right icon. After this a small dashboard will open on your mobile screen, you are advised to click on the dual authentication option. The application will then ask for six digit code along with your email id. This feature will help you to add a security layer against unwanted activities over the internet.

Some other measures which you can undertake

Do not use cloud back-up

Most of the time people use cloud back-up for their WhatsApp account. Even though this process helps them to save their important data for future use but it’s not stored in encrypted format. This is the main reason why most of the people have reported the theft of their exclusive photographs and other messages.

Properly encrypt your conversations

On WhatsApp, it is mandatory to have an encrypted conversation with another person. Thus, you are advised to click on the user’s name with whom you want to talk to and then click on the encryption option. In response to this, a digit-character code along with RQ code will appear. You then have to request to your conversing partner do a thorough scanning for the RQ code so that both of you can do encrypted conversation.

Add people with caution

It is advised not to add anyone from your address book onto the contact list whom you don’t recognize. Since the services of WhatsApp are completely free of cost thus, there is a high possibility of hacking and spamming. Another means through which you can be safe on this social networking application is by turning on the security alerts. With the help of this service, you will be able to get a new security code when you are using your WhatsApp account from a new mobile handset.

Thorough privacy protection

On your WhatsApp account, you can easily choose people with whom you want to share the profile picture, status, location etc. It is advised to select only those people whom you know personally viz. your family members and friends. You are also advised to disable the feature of receiving notification. This will prevent the sender of the message to know whether you have read his or her message or not. To maintain proper security of WhatsApp you can also install anti-virus on your handset or can also use a virtual private network which helps to keep spammers at bay.

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Increase Your Company’s Profitability With The Use Of Live Vehicle Monitoring

For the transportation industry, it is very essential to keep proper track of their vehicles, since it helps them to know the whereabouts of their freight vehicles in real time. Live monitoring of the freight vehicles will help the company to effectively manage the fleet on a daily basis; this process ultimately helps them to earn a considerable amount of money at the month’s end. If you are an owner of a transporting company and want to take similar services then it is advised to know more about it at

Why is it necessary to have a positioning system for freight vehicle?


Transportation company owners can mark specific zones on the map viz. hospital, school, danger zone etc. This helps them to get a genuine alert as soon as their vehicle enters in that zone. During that time they can know the live location of the freight truck. This process helps them to take necessary pro-active measures in advance which help them to save great losses.

Plan the route in advance

GPS will also help your drivers to plan how they will take the product from point A to B. This facility will help them to sketch a primary and a secondary plan if in case the road on which they are riding gets blocked up ahead. Ultimately, your driver can increase his efficiency and can increase the total number of rounds made in a month.

Helps in the maintenance of the vehicle’s health

Positioning system also makes the driver aware of the health of the freight truck. He comes to know about the engine, suspension, breaks etc. Company owners can also see whether their drivers are riding the vehicle with responsibility or not.

Safety of the driver

GPS system basically helps a driver to maintain his safety, means he will be able to know about various emergency services in advance viz. hospitals, police station, gas station, service station etc. This feature helps a driver to stay safe on the road. The system also makes them aware of the holes on the road and blind turns in advance.

Helps to maintain the financial health of the company

Through the help of GPS tracking, you will also be able to note down the paths which are taken by your driver and total vehicle mileage on a monthly basis. Thus, you can plan an efficient route in the future which will help you to save a considerable amount of money.

Maintain a digital itinerary

The positioning system will also let you note down the time in and time out of the vehicle. Furthermore, you will also be able to know the correct time when the vehicle visited its pre-defined destination. Thus, you don’t have to rely more on paperwork as you can easily note the timing digitally. This process will also help you to save a large amount of money in maintaining the paperwork.

File in low rate premium

Vehicles which are equipped with a positioning system have to pay fewer amounts of insurance premiums for their freight trucks in comparison to those who don’t possess a GPS system. This ultimately will cause a great deal of positive impact on your company’s revenue.

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Buyers Guide to Picking up the Best Pickleball Paddle

The exciting fact about pickleball is that it is constantly evolving. The same applies to the equipment you use to play the game. Experienced players have suggested that paddle manufacturers should incorporate some features into the paddle. Manufacturers are creating paddles to fit various playing styles. In 2018, several paddles were exhibited at the US Open. Some of these are best suited for the topspin and the backspin. We will discuss these paddles. You can also find some budget options on that are mostly used by pickleball players who like to embed spins with their game.

Well, for the starters or those who want to explore this accessory, it is a must for them to purchase the right pickleball paddle. Even though I also share the opinion, given the numerous options available on the marketplace, anyone might get confused on the right accessory to opt for.

So here is a comprehensive guide on how to select and purchase the best pickleball paddle.

The weight of the paddle:  Although some might want to overlook this feature or may wonder how the paddle is of great importance when you just need to swing the ball. But, the fact is, this is the reason why you need to consider this. You need to direct the movement of the ball in line with the paddle, and while you perform this task, your wrist should be capable to handle all the weight. If the weight of the paddle racket is heavier, it will affect your shoulders, wrist, and elbow in the long run. You will definitely feel the weight with every stroke. So, you need to opt for a paddle that is lighter but sturdy.

Grip size: Another important feature that you should know is that the grip of the handle is of great significance. Since the pickleball paddle is not the same weight as the table tennis racket or the lawn tennis; you have to opt for the ideal grip. Without an ideal grip, there is no way you can hold the paddle for a long time or direct the shots using different wrist movements. If you don’t choose the right grip size, you won’t control the movement of the paddle very well. On an average, I will suggest that you opt for a grip size with a length of 4 inches to 4.5 inches.

Size of the paddle: The pickleball paddles are available in different size range and there is no set ideal size for the paddle. So, you need to be extremely cautious when choosing the right size. You must consider your shot styles as well as your height. It is advisable for shorter people to opt for a medium-sized paddle while people that are taller should choose a longer paddle to enable them to take shots effectively.

Material: Another vital feature to consider is the material used for making the paddle. In previous years, the paddle was made from wood but at present, there are varieties of materials used for making the paddle. Materials like Nomex, aluminum, polymer are embedded with a covering material like carbon fiber, fiberglass, and graphite to make paddles. You should also know that the Graphite covered paddle delivers harder shots while the carbon fiber offers more flexibility during shots. So you can select the one that suits your needs.

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Enjoy Your Outdoor Activities With The Help Of Canopies

If you are planning to go for an outdoor activity or for a celebration near the seaside then you can consider carrying the tents and canopies with you to get the needed comfort. These tents not only protect you from the sun but provide you with a place to sit and relax. These tents are also used for several other purposes and now many people are buying them to add to the functionality of their space like gardens. If you want to buy canopies for different uses then you can check various Canopy Tent Reviews for buying good quality and durable canopies.

Which are the different types of canopy tents?

Garden canopies – if you are relaxing in your garden in the evening time then you may feel irritated due to the insects that might bite you. If you want to reduce the chances of coming in the contact with the insect then you can use the garden canopy. These are a unique tent-like structure with screened sides. If you want to protect yourself from direct sun rays such as UV rays then canopy can be used as a barrier. You can plan dinner and lunch in your garden by installing the canopy.

Shade canopies – these canopies are widely used for getting protection from the hot sun and they provide a cool space to relax at an outdoor location. It is widely used for the sporting events, backyard parties etc. to provide more relaxation in any setting. There are many people who use it to sell their goods because these are portable and easy to carry.

Large canopies – if you have invited many guests to your house for a party then you can consider getting the large canopies. These are large in size and come with the strong frame structure which enables it to bear the winds. These are also waterproof and durable.

What are the major tips for choosing canopies?

Style and size – there are different styles of canopies available in the market such as baby canopies, beach canopies, squire canopies, and many others. You can buy any of them from the market according to your need and required size. These are small as well as large in size so you can buy as per the space requirement. These are also available in several color options and you can get any style and color combination that you like.

Select frame material – there are different materials used to make the frames of the canopies such as aluminum, steel, plastic, and many others. Before purchasing the canopies, you should choose and select the canopies with the best frame option. You can buy those frames which are rain and sun resistant and do not break down in different weather conditions.

Light weighted – if you are going to buy canopies then you should select some light weighted canopies. If these are heavy and you want to carry them to any other location then you will have to take help of more people. Lightly weighted canopies are easy to carry without any help.

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Remove Hairs Form You Back By Using Shavers

There are many people who have hairs at their back and they face issues in removing them. There are many methods for hair removal but for getting it done they need to seek someone’s assistance or visit the salon. So, to help such people, back shavers are made available in the market. The best back shaver helps you in removing the hairs easily and fast and gives you a smooth finish. You can check out the reviews of the shavers to get the best one for yourself.

What things you should consider if you are going to purchasing a back shaver?

Blades – you should look for a back shaver that has sharp blades which have a long life. Mostly, the blades are wide but they are capable to remove all the hairs from your back. Look for the blade that can remove both dry and wet hairs. The blades are also replaceable, so if you think that the blade is not giving the desired results then you can consider buying a refill.

Durability – look for a shaver that is highly durable and resistant to slips and falls. There is a possibility that the shaver might slip from your hand when they are wet and get damaged. So, check out the material of the shaver and see whether it can bear the slips and falls.

Warranty – there are many people who are worried about their investment.  So, before purchasing, you should also make sure about the warranty of the product and get a peaceful mind about your investment. If any problem occurs in your product in the warranty time then the company will replace and repair your product without charging anything from you.

Handle – it is the most important part of the shaver. You should prefer long and adjustable handle because it provides a plenty of room to reach all the portions of the back and remove hairs with perfection.

What are the major tips to maintain the shaver?

Clean the head of the shaver – when you shave the back then some hairs might get trapped in the head of the shaver. If you want to increase the functionality of the shaver then you should remove hairs from the head of the shaver and clean it with water. In manual shavers, you can remove the head of the shaver and after cleaning it put the razor back where it belongs.

Change the blades regularly – if you are not changing the blades regularly then it might stick to the hairs and drag them without cutting. The durability of the blade depends on several factors such as the thickness of the hair, use time per week etc. If you want a great experience of the back saver then you should change the blade every month.

Keep the shaver dry and in a safe place – you should place your shaver in a dry place because moisture is harmful to the shaver. After completing the shave, you should remove the water by using a dry towel and keep it away from children.